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I'm Jaqueline Blackstock: wellness coach, mental health ally, and fitness instructor

You probably know that the road to health and happiness is long and hard. I'm here to support you and to help you pursue true health: the magical mix of happiness, health, and adventure- what I call Radical Wellness.

I live, dance, play and work with you guys in Long Beach, but I love virtual wellness training too. 

Get ready to live rad and be well. 

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5 baby steps you take to be healthier right now

Change can seem really big and really hard. But taking baby steps can set you up for success at the big stuff...

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Learn how to thrive outside your comfort zone

Most of us have great intentions. Intentions to try new things, intentions to work out more- but anxiety can...

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Simple exercises for complicated fatigue

Fatigue can seem impossible to recover from. How can you work out when you're exhausted, right? But exercise can be...

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